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Conditions of Use / Terms of Service

By using the Spectrum Sales website you agree to all of the following:

1. The Spectrum Sales website may only be used for normal business transactions pertaining to the products and services offered on the website.

2. Any attack on the Spectrum Sales website or attempts to override or circumvent any of the security measures installed on the website whether malicious or not is strictly forbidden. Your IP address is monitored both by the website and by the servers the site is installed on. Attempts to gain access to restricted areas of the website or to cause damage to the functions of the website is a violation of applicable laws. We will use all means available to track and prosecute attacks to this website.

3. While we make every effort to provide for smooth transactions on the website, we can not be held responsible for any of the following, or for losses real or percieved by any of the following:

a. Inability to access your Spectrum Sales online account.
b. Inability to access the Spectrum Sales website.
c. Orders that are lost, miscommunicated, or unintentionally altered because of electronic or mechanical errors or failures.
d. Delays in order processing or shipping due to failures of the website, servers, or network connections.

4. While the website is generally considered to be suitable for viewing by all audiences, persons considered to be minors in their jurisdiction are not allowed to order on the website without the permission of their legal guardian. By placing an order on the Spectrum Sales website you are agreeing that you are either an adult, or have the permission of your legal guardian.

5. These terms of service are subject to be changed at any time for any reason without notice. We suggest you review this page periodicaly to keep updated with the terms of service of this website.

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