That's Right! Free E-Mail!

Here is what you get with your free Spectrum-X email account:

  1. It's FREE!

  2. 10 Meg of email storage.

  3. Mail Forwarding. (Most of the free guys don't offer this!)

  4. POP Mail. Yep, you can access your mail from you favorite mobile device, or sync with your favorite mail program.

  5. Auto-Responder. Great for vacations! Again, most of the free guys do not offer this.

  6. Lot's of filters! Create "Black Lists", "White Lists" and filter by name, subject, and more!

  7. It's FREE! (Sorry just had to do it!)

  8. No Advertising!

  9. Calendar.

  10. To Do List.

  11. Notebook.

  12. Search Capabilities.

  13. Of course web access. Webmail is also customizable to suit your preferences.

Well if we still have your attention....

Click here to sign up!