Yes, it's still free, but...

Spectrum Web Services reserves the right to do any of the following;

1. Terminate any account for any reason.  We probably won't, but if we do, we will provide you with a minimum of 15 calendar days to move your stuff, and let people know. During the 15 day period we may limit the ability to perform some functions, such as the ability to send or receive mail.

2. Restrict attachment file sizes.

3. Increase (you probably won't mind that) or reduce the size of your email account storage.

4. Immediately terminate any account without prior warning in which Spectrum Web Services feels in it's sole opinion is party to performing any of the following acts; Spam, fishing, warez, spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, illegal distribution of copyrighted material, or any other act considered to be generally destructive to someone else's personal or virtual property.

Although the goal of Spectrum Web Services is to provide the utmost quality in all of our services, we can not be responsible for any of the following;

1. Inability to access any account for any reason, at any given time.

2. Loss of any information stored in any account.

3. Any access to any account, either with or without the account holder's permission.

4. Any illegal activities in which the account is used for.

While it is the desire of Spectrum Web Services to provide the utmost in service quality the free email account that you are signing up for should be considered to be "used at your own risk."

That being said, if you still want your FREE Spectrum-X email account CLICK HERE!